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The 7 Day Challenge

Your life is busy and complex. Nobody knows what it feels like to be you – except you.


Sometimes things get out of whack: we put on weight; we stop exercising; we have difficulty in getting to sleep or staying asleep.


Overall our wellbeing suffers as we try to juggle the demands that are placed on us.


The 7 day challenge recognises that only you know what it is like to live your life. So only you know what you can do. That is why we have devised over 30 courses to nudge your life into a more healthy direction.


The course often starts with a video explaining why that challenge is important. This will give you a rational explanation which will help build your willpower.


Next up there are 7 or so tips which are different ways to tackle the challenge. These will give you inspiration. You know your life the best, so choose the ones that will work best for you. Remember it is small changes that are the best and most long-lasting.


The final section of each course provides you with tools to turn these into healthy habits.


We are all on a journey in life. Let’s make it as enjoyable as we can.

% of the course that you can tailor to your life
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Detailed Courses

All-in-one platform for improving your own wellbeing

Video info

Videos from experts are used extensively in your courses. So get a pen and paper and takes some notes.


Tests are scattered throughout the courses. They are short and in an easy format. These will help you consolidate information which will build your motivation.

Action Plan

You will create your own action plan that fits into your life. It can be paper or app based - whatever works for you. You'll nudge your way to a healthier life by taking small achievable steps.

Our Team

Nutritional Experts

We’ve searched the internet to bring you the best from nutritional experts.

Fitness consultants

We have a science based approach to fitness – from people that know.

Rest specialists

We have articles and videos from researchers who have spent a long time cracking the secrets of successful rest.